How a Real Estate Agent Works


If you are considering a career in real estate, you might wonder how a real estate agent works. What does a typical day entail? Here, we’ll outline the tasks an agent typically performs, how commissions are divided between brokers and agents, and how leads for a real estate agent are created. Listed below are just some of the tasks an agent may undertake on a typical day. You can also get an idea of the salary range for a real estate agent by reading this article.

Typical day for a real estate agent

A typical day for a real estate agent usually begins between 8.30am and 9am, when the office manager will meet with the team to discuss new properties and updates on current transactions. After the meeting, a real estate agent might spend the morning making phone calls and emailing clients and prospects to let them know their properties have sold. Another typical day for an estate agent might include delivering “Just Sold” cards to neighborhoods.

Tasks a real estate agent performs

A real estate agent’s primary duty is to represent their clients’ interests in the purchase or sale of property. This includes interviewing prospective clients and accompanying them to properties for viewing, discussing conditions of sale, and drawing real estate contracts. A real estate agent may also serve as an intermediary between buyers and sellers, presenting technical information to prospective clients or attending home inspections and appraisals. In addition, they may write real estate contracts and participate in staff meetings, attend trade shows, and attend seminars and conventions to further their knowledge of the industry. Also read


Commission split between agents and brokers

A commission split between agents and brokers can vary depending on the broker and the volume of business. The traditional split is often too burdensome for agents to work with, and brokers should compensate agents based on performance and support provided by the brokerage. The percentages of commission splits may also vary depending on the broker and the brokerage’s philosophy. Here are some examples:

Creating leads for a real estate agent

Creating leads for a real estate agent is crucial if you want to see your listing sell. The best way to increase your conversion rates is to create content that attracts leads and is free of charge. Using a virtual staging technique can help you showcase the full potential of any home and sell it for the maximum value. In order to generate leads, you must give prospects specific reasons to hire you over another real estate agent.  


Managing a real estate firm

There are many aspects to managing a real estate firm, including sales strategy, client relations, and deployment strategy. Successful real estate firms employ a great sales leader to set expectations, enforce goals, and create room for action. A great sales leader also knows how to deploy their teams to maximize efficiency. A great sales leader measures team performance to make adjustments when necessary. This article looks at the key aspects of managing a real estate firm.



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